Embrace the Autumn Vibes: Fall Nail Color Trends You Can't Miss

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, it's time to update your nail polish collection to complement the cozy and rich tones of fall. From deep, sultry hues to playful and vibrant shades, this season's nail color trends are all about capturing the essence of autumn. Let's explore the must-have fall nail colors, complete with popular nail polish brand references and the shades that will elevate your manicure game.


1. Moody Reds and Berries:

Embrace the romantic allure of fall with moody reds and rich berry tones. OPI's "Malaga Wine" brings a deep, wine-inspired hue to your nails, while Essie's "Berry Naughty" offers a sultry, dark berry shade perfect for chilly evenings.


Nail Polish Recommendations:


OPI: "Malaga Wine"

Essie: "Berry Naughty"

Beauty Town: “Rome” – (Find here) 


2. Earthy Neutrals:

Transition seamlessly into fall with earthy neutrals that mirror the changing landscape. Sally Hansen's "Earthen" provides a warm, taupe-brown shade, while Zoya's "Spencer" captures the essence of autumn with its caramel-infused nude.

Nail Polish Recommendations:

Sally Hansen: "Earthen"

Zoya: "Spencer"


3. Elegant Greys:

For a sophisticated and modern look, opt for elegant greys that complement fall's subdued palette. Chanel's "Particulière" is a timeless, muted grey-brown, while Deborah Lippmann's "Stormy Weather" adds a touch of drama with its stormy, deep grey.


Nail Polish Recommendations:

Chanel: "Particulière"

Deborah Lippmann: "Stormy Weather"


4. Mustard Yellows:

Add a pop of warmth to your fall nails with mustard yellows that evoke the beauty of autumn foliage. Try OPI's "Suzi Needs a Loch-Smith" for a muted mustard or CND's "Sun Bleached" for a brighter, sunflower-inspired yellow.


Nail Polish Recommendations:


OPI: "Suzi Needs a Loch-Smith"

CND: "Sun Bleached"

Beauty Town: “Oslo” – Find here


5. Forest Greens:

Bring the enchanting beauty of the forest to your fingertips with deep, forest green nail colors. Essie's "Sew Psyched" offers a muted, mossy green, while Butter London's "British Racing Green" adds a touch of sophistication with its deep, luxurious shade.


Nail Polish Recommendations:


Essie: "Sew Psyched"

Butter London: "British Racing Green"

Beauty Town: “Tunis” – Find here


This fall, let your nails be the canvas for the rich and vibrant colors of the season. Whether you opt for the deep reds and berries, earthy neutrals, elegant greys, mustard yellows, or forest greens, these fall nail color trends are sure to elevate your autumn style. Experiment with these nail polish brands and shades to create stunning manicures that capture the essence of fall in every stroke.


So, grab your favorite fall nail colors and get ready to embrace the cozy vibes of autumn with a fresh and stylish manicure! Check out our favorite nail polish brand "Beauty town"

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