Autumnal Oasis: Middle Eastern Inspired Fall Fashion

Haya A. AlThani

With the Middle Eastern sun continuing to grace us with its warmth, navigating the world of fall fashion becomes a unique blend of style and comfort. This season, we're embracing fall trends that keep us cool and comfortable while infusing a touch of autumn's spirit into our wardrobes. From breathable grey jeans to maroon nails that evoke the richness of the season, let's explore how to stay fashion-forward in warm weather while celebrating the essence of fall.

Grey jeans 

Grey jeans are the HOTTEST thing this fall due to their versatility, you can easily transform a morning look to an evening look. The cool shade complements autumnal shades making them a staple piece for mixing and matching whether it’s with a white T-shirt and an abaya or a gathering look with a statement top.

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Maroon nails

Maroon nails have been a consistent fall favorite through the years because the embrace the seasons cozy color palette. The deep rich shade adds an element and an element of CHICNESS to any look. (we prefer short square maroon nails). The popularity of maroon nails come a from its ability to capture the essence of the season without fully committing to cashmeres and coats in our warm weather.

Ballet flats 

Ballet flats can be seen in all the recent fashion shows in the Celine, Alaïa, Valentino & Chanel. Also it’s a plus you can look trendy whilst being comfortable making them an obviously popular style this fall. With their chic and timeless design, they pair well with both casual and dressier looks and go with abayas too! 

Pops of brown 

Brown accents in clothing and accessories are trending this fall, they evoke a cozy and earthy vibe, reminiscent of autumn landscapes. Incorporating pops of brown into your wardrobe adds warmth and depth to your overall look.

Vanity bags 

Another trend that’s been all over the runways made popular by Chanel 2023. Vanity bags are compact yet stylish which make them convenient for daily use. They also make a great addition to any wardrobe because they’re a statement piece and make any outfit look put together. 

In the Middle East, fall trends mean stylish comfort in warm weather. From breezy flats to earthy tones, these trends adapt to our climate, allowing us to enjoy fall's essence while staying cool and confident.

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