Are you a silk scrunchie fan or not yet?

When it comes to beauty trends we are always big fans! 

Silk scrunchies have been in for a while now; we tried them and never went back. Here’s why:

  • A silk scrunchy has a softer, sort of looser pull to the hair, therefore, when you tie your hair up you won’t feel that post pony tail migraine. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold your hair up very well, it is just softer.
  • Less hair gets pulled out as you remove it. Since it has an overall softer pull … when you take it off, you would notice that the hair pull is significantly reduced. We know we did! And an added bonus? Say goodbye to hair frizz that usually occurs with regular scrunchies.
  • They last longer! trust us we've had them for a while and not a single one snapped! Been wearing them every single day! 
  • It adds an aesthetical touch with any outfit or vibe! Whether you're going out, working out or just having a self-care day at home, it’s the perfect accessory. Just the feel of it gives you that luxury vibe .. who wouldn’t like that? :) 

We tried many brands, and to be honest loved them all so far. Our current favorite is Kara Nova, she has such cute options and classic ones too! Check them out here.

Did you try silk scrunchies and felt the difference? Please share your experience in the comments, we would love to hear them.

Stay tuned for more beauty reviews!

Lots of Love,

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