“We are disrupting the luxury industry together, empowering women to take ownership of their style and creating a sustainable fashion movement.”

Our Story

The concept of reselling expensive items has been quite popular for centuries, specifically jewelry and luxurious vehicles. At a friendly dinner, a heated discussion took place and the topic of whether an expensive, one of a kind, haute couture piece of clothing or an exotic leather handbag should be resold just like a car or a piece of gold.

Moreover, the hassle of finding the perfect dress and keeping up with the fast-changing fashion trends for endless social events led to the conclusion that it is a must to turn from a buy-wear-store mentality to a buy-wear-resell mentality. In today’s world, people are more conscious consumers who want to be able to have variety without exhausting their income, and that is how the idea was born.

Match and Style was founded to offer an easy way to facilitate the sale of high quality pre-owned designer items for Women, Men, and Kids

Sellers can showcase their items on a consignment basis and buyers can easily find their favorite designer’s items on our website and social media platforms at affordable competitive prices whilst maintaining good quality and keeping up with fashion seasonal trends.

“Don’t follow the crowd. Choose independence over the norm and take part in a sustainable fashion movement.”

Our Services

We offer services for both buyers and sellers (consigners).

Sellers (Consignors)

To the leaders of the movement; let’s disrupt the luxury fashion industry together. You are our valuable partners and we do our best to find your special items a new home. We offer to pick up, authenticate, photograph, market and sell your items through our many channels. When your item is sold through our channels, we wire the money to your account within five days.

"We believe in extending the life-cycle of your pre-loved items through consignment and giving them a new home" - Match and Style Co-Founders


To our luxury shoppers; every item we display is personally handpicked, carefully authenticated and white glove inspected. Curating nothing but the best quality, we take care of the little things, delivering your items straight to your doorstep, ensuring a smooth shopping experience throughout the journey

"Don't buy counterfeit! buy pre-loved original items instead" - Match and Style Co-Founders

“In order to make a change we need to start from within, promoting a loving and a sustainable attitude towards our environment, our people and our actions.”


We bring you only the best, lovingly and ethically crafted fashion, hand-picked from designers who meet at least one of our 6 sustainable fashion attributes

Match & Style

Ethical & fair trade

We source products from brands that cares about the people and their welfare, continuously seeking to improve working conditions, wages and fair-trade practices.

Match & Style

Eco-friendly & green

Brands that sponsor the replacement of plastics with eco-friendly, biodegradable and natural fibres that supports the environment and green materials such as organic cotton, hemp, mushroom leather.

Match & Style


Brands that include upcycled materials in the making of their garments, reusing and repurposing textiles extending the lifecycle of those materials reducing waste, carbon and toxic gas emissions.

Match & Style


Products are crafted by expert artisans , manufactured within practices opposing to mass production which significantly reduces their carbon footprint.

Match & Style


Brands that advocate a ‘closed loop’ manufacturing approaches to recover discarded materials and reintegrate them into fashion production.

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