All About Authentication

Match & Style take authentication very seriously. Not only do our experts review the items, we use state of the art equipment provided to us by world renowned authentication companies in the USA, such as Entrupy, to ensure that the items sold on our platform are 100% verified.

Let me take you through our process.   

Physical verification of luxury handbags involves a detailed examination of various aspects of the bag and accessories in addition to checking the tags, material and receipts to determine its authenticity. Here are the key steps our experts follow when verifying luxury handbags:  

  1. **Overall Appearance and Quality:** 

   - inspecting the overall appearance and quality of the handbag, looking for any inconsistencies, irregularities, or signs of poor craftsmanship that might indicate a counterfeit.  

  1. **Stitching and Seam Quality:** 

   - Our experts closely examine the stitching and seams throughout the bag. Authentic luxury handbags usually have impeccable stitching that is neat, uniform, and tightly done. 

  1. **Logo and Branding:** 

   - The positioning, size, and quality of the brand's logo, monogram, or other identifying elements are impecibly checked. Authentic bags have precise, well-aligned branding. 

  1. **Hardware and Zippers:** 

   - The hardware components, such as zippers, clasps, buttons, and studs, are examined for quality and accuracy. Authentic luxury bags use high-quality materials and have well-crafted hardware. 

   - Any differences in color, finish, or branding on the hardware can raise suspicions about authenticity. 

  1. **Interior Details:** 

   - Our experts inspect the interior of the bag, including the lining, pockets, and labels. Authentic bags typically have well-finished interiors with accurate labels and serial numbers. 

   - Any discrepancies, misspelled words, or poor-quality labels can indicate a counterfeit. 

  1. **Serial Numbers and Authentication Tags:** 

   - Authentic luxury handbags often have unique serial numbers or authentication tags that can be cross-referenced with the brand's records. 

   -  Our experts verify the authenticity of these numbers and tags and check if they match the brand's authentication criteria. 

  1. **Dust Bags and Packaging:** 

   - The dust bag and packaging that come with the bag are also examined. Counterfeit items might have lower-quality or inaccurate packaging materials. 

  1. **Comparative Analysis:** 

   - Experts may compare the handbag in question to authentic reference items, both physically and through detailed photographs. 

   - This comparative analysis helps identify any discrepancies or inconsistencies that could indicate a counterfeit. 

  1. **Documentation and Provenance:** 

   - The bag's history, provenance, and accompanying documentation (such as receipts, certificates of authenticity, and warranty cards) are reviewed to ensure they align with the brand's practices. 

  1. **Expertise and Experience:** 

    - The authenticity verification process heavily relies on the expertise and experience of the human examiner. Their knowledge of brand-specific details and common counterfeiting techniques is crucial. 

It's important to note that the verification process may vary slightly depending on the specific brand and model of the luxury handbag. Additionally, the use of advanced technologies, such as Entrupy's microscopic analysis, complement the physical inspection conducted by human experts. 

Entrupy is a technology-driven authentication solution that specializes in verifying the authenticity of luxury handbags and other high-end fashion items. It uses a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to analyze and assess various features of the item in question. Here's how we use Entrupy: 

  1. **Image Capture:** The authentication process begins with capturing high-resolution images of the luxury handbag from multiple angles using a smartphone or tablet equipped with the Entrupy app. 
  1. **Microscopic Analysis:** Entrupy's AI algorithms analyze the images at a microscopic level, examining the unique characteristics of the bag's materials, stitching, and other details. This level of analysis goes beyond what can be detected by the human eye. 
  1. **Comparison to Reference Database:** Entrupy's system compares the microscopic details of the item with its extensive reference database, which contains images of authentic items as well as known counterfeits. This database has been built over time and includes a wide range of luxury brands and models. 
  1. **Authentication Report:** Based on the analysis and comparison, Entrupy generates an authentication report that indicates whether the item is likely to be authentic or not. The report provides a confidence score that represents the system's level of certainty regarding the authenticity. 
  1. **Expert Verification (Optional):** While the AI-based analysis is highly accurate, in some cases, Entrupy offers the option for items to be further reviewed by human experts to provide an additional layer of validation.  

And there you have it. Authentication is a key element of Match and Style’s service. We check and double check every item individually to ensure our customers receive only verified items.

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