Buying your first designer handbag? Let us help you!

Buying your first designer handbag is special, and can get stressful. Which one is an investment? Should you get a dark color or a light one? Classic or trendy .. and so on. Let us help you!

My name is Mariam Sheikh, I am the Sales & Operation Manager of Match & Style.  

From my experience and from talking to customers everyday, these are the top 4 picks: 

  • Chanel - Classic Flap Bag: this is an all time favorite, you can wear it to work, to dinner, and while traveling. A timeless classic that goes well with literally every look and will fit all your essentials! If it's your first, I would go for a classic black flap bag, the size really depends on your personal preference with this one as we think all sizes look good with most body frames and styles. One last point, this is almost a guaranteed sale in case you decided to sell it one day! 


  • Christian Dior - Lady Dior Handbag: a bag that was named after the all time fashion icon, Princess Diana, do I need to say more? It's the ultimate chic bag that just makes any look more "Parisian"! My favorite is the medium size Lady Dior in the glossy finish calf skin, it lasts longer and scratches are less visible, also it fits almost everything and won't look too bulky or be too heavy to carry around. And of course, the bag is highly in demand thus you can always benefit from its resale value. 


  •  Hermes - Kelly Handbag: I just love a bag that comes with a story, named after another fashion icon, Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. Now if your budget is slightly on the higher scale, then I will definitely recommend an Hermes Kelly handbag. It's an investment piece that will keep going up in price as the years go by due to its limited availability and endless waiting list. It will fit all your items, goes well with everything. I recommend it in leather Epsom if you like it a bit more stiff, or Togo & Clemence if you like it to be a bit softer or exotic leather if you are extra like us ;). As for the size, I recommend anything between 20cm-35cm (If you are more of a cross-bag / clutch style person, go for 20 or 25cm). 


  • Hermes - Birkin Handbag: Another investment piece that is extremely hard to get (but not with Match & Style)! A Birkin bag is also a bag that we will go up in price as the years goes by and will sell for higher in the resale market. It's more of an effortless chic look. It has a versatile style as you can wear it open to keep it more "casual" or closed so it's more "chic". Similar to the Kelly, in terms of leather I recommend Togo, Epsom or Clemence in size 25cm or 30cm, it's not too small neither too big, so to me it's perfect and it's the highest in demand by our clients. 

Have more questions and need some help finding your perfect bag? My team and I are here for you just drop us anemail or Call or WhatsApp us on +974 3393 9977 and we will give you all the details that you need!

Drop us a comment and tell us what was your first designer handbag or what are you planning on getting? 


  • نرنر

    حقيبة شانيل الكلاسيك من عندكم سعرها كان ممتاز وتعاملكم حلو وسريعين شكرا لكم

  • Sarah

    Mine was a Chanel classic flap bag. I still have it since 2002, it literally is a bag that never gets old!

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