How to authenticate a Birkin? Let us give you some tips

Are you a Birkin Babe and got a hold of the bag of everyone's dream? 

Did you get it from a personal shopper or a reseller and you are unsure of the authenticity? Don't worry, we got you!

There are 3 basic signs you need to look for to determine the authenticity of your Birkin at first sight. 

First, examine the heat stamp. A genuine Birkin will have the coveted phrase: 'Hermès Paris Made in France,' which is delicately imprinted in gold, silver, or as a colorless impression, typically matching the hardware. Pay attention to the accent on the è, the stamp's alignment, and its distance from the top (in close proximity to the top stitching). The letters should be clear and finely crafted, avoiding any appearance of being engraved, painted, or irregular.

Second, check the stitches. Skilled artisans hand-stitch the Birkin handbag, thus resulting in slightly angled, tight, and precise stitches. The thread generally matches the bag's color, and while there may be minor inconsistencies due to the handmade nature, the craftsmanship should never be messy. Any loose or hanging threads indicate the work of a counterfeiter, as Hermès artisans uphold an unmatched level of dedication.

Third, look at the way your Birkin stands and its overall posture. As you know, an Hermes Birkin is handmade using the highest quality of leather and artisanal standards, therefore, it shouldn't slouch neither do its handles. It stands upright and symmetrical on 4 feet positioned evenly apart - a feature attributable to the superior quality leather.

At Match & Style, we use Entrupy authentication device to help us authenticate every Birkin that gets displayed on our platforms. It scans the leather and hardware of each handbag at a microscopic level and uses advanced algorithm to compare it to thousands of other authentic results. As a double precaution we also rely on the human factor for the authentication opinion through the touch and feel of the leather and overall stitching, stamping, hardware to make sure each item is Authentic. 

Want to skip the line and get your Birkin today? Check out our Hermes handbags collectionhere. Got a bag and need it to be checked? We offer a professional authentication service where we examine your bag at a microscopic level and provide you with an authenticity certificate from Entrupy. Authentication Service Here

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